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LEAR LUF-Turbo 的英國評測 by Sound Perfection Review

"不完美,但非常有趣" 看看Sound Perfertion Review 對LEAR LUF-Turbo 有何評價吧:https://goo.gl/8TGejs


LEAR Kaleido 的視頻評測!

想了解更多有關LEAR Kaleido 的介紹,希望這段由Porta_Fi制作的視頻評測會有幫助!

LEAR LUF-Kaleido 英文評測(by audio123

"Auditory Kaleidoscope , Smooth Bass, Relaxing Midrange, Beautiful Design"


幾位日本耳機專家及內田真禮對LEAR 產品的評價

日本媒體Phileweb 近期訪問了幾位日本耳機專家及知名聲優內田真禮對一些熱門耳機的評價,當中有關LEAR 產品的測試,評價十分正面!


Speakers or earphones - which do you prefer? How about both in one IEM? Did LEAR pull it off with their HK$1688 NS-U1? Review is now up on Headfonics!

You like a very balanced sound? Go for it. You like an extremely bassy sound? Go for it. - The LHF-AE1d is incredibly versatile.

Pros: extremely versatile, sounds natural and vivid, bass screw offers a wide range but doesn't really bleed into the mids, good resolution, cable, case

Cons: bass on the softer side, bodies collect fingerprints

Read the full review :http://www.head-fi.org/products/lear-lhf-ae1d-hybrid-fit-earphones/reviews/14313

最詳細既LEAR LCM-BD4.2 海外評測!

The best experiences find a way to become more- more than themselves. A soldier and a nurse- strangers, too- share a kiss in immortal Times Square, and a single photograph comes alive with endless layers of emotion. In the genius hands of Leonardo Da Vinci, Mona Lisa looks more human, more lifelike, than if she were there in the flesh. And as if the spoken word were a prison, Chaplin breaks free into silence, invoking tears of joy and sorrow from a place deeper than life.
日本媒體BARKS對LEAR LCM BD4.2 既評測。
識睇日文又對BD4.2 有興趣既朋友,可以參考下架!

: :http://www.barks.jp/news/?id=1000116893
A new review of LCM BD 4.2 on head fi.

First Impressions
The moment I put on BD4.2, I noticed abundancy of Lows. They were very powerful and punchy. I do not like this much bass so I decreased the amount to 40ish percent. After 2 hours of poking I finally found the perfect balance. Whole review is written at %45 bass. Other than that, the resolution was absurd. I have never heard something this detailed. 
Here comes a new review of LCM-BD4.2 on head-fi.org!

Final Words:
Lear LCM-BD4.2 seems to be the top performer among my CIEMs in many categories. Spaciousness, naturalness, transparency and resolution are the top abilities of LCM. Surely the note recreation isn’t the best, and some would find it a bit thin. However, LCM outperforms all other hybrid earphones that I’ve tried including Tralucent 1p2. Thus, I think that custom version would be dramatically better than universal version of BD4.2. With LCM-BD4.2, we can get both ‘’AKG’’ and ‘’Hifiman’’ like sounding in the same earphone.
美國Head-fi 貼堂級LEAR BD4.2 英文review 分享~ 
The most advanced custom IEM on the market? 
I love to see well-established audio companies with a solid lineup on offer. Someone like Parasound, Sennheiser, or PSB will almost always have their bases covered with budget, midrange, and fairly expensive models to choose from. That's great because it allows access for all sort of folks, regardless of budget. But you know what I love even more than that? Growth. Seeing a company, new or old, making continual improvements, is just great to see. Think RHA or Philips - neither is firmly established as a market leader at this point, yet both churn out some very competitive models.... and they just keep getting better each time. That's what I like to see.

美國知名評測者對LEAR LUF-4 系列之詳細測試分享!
美國Head-Fi 知名耳機評測者“ljokerl“對LEAR LUF-4 系列既詳細評測及耳機排行榜評分出爐啦!
評測更於美國 Head-fi.org 網站首頁出現呢!

Reviews table 耳機排行榜 :
海外知名耳機網Headfonia 對LEAR BD4.2的評價!
The Conclusion
At first listen wanted nothing more than to enjoy Simon & Garfunkel’s Bookends. A few days later, I had wandered back to jazz and trance. The BD4,2 is one of the most effortlessly adaptable earphones on the planet. It does trance, jazz, hip hop, and whatever the hell John Denver is, without the slightest complaint. But like all renaissance men, it won’t do jazz quite like the more genre-specific Primo 8.
Tralucent introduced me to the magic of hybrid earphones. Ultrasone made them comfortable. But BD4,2 seals the deal. As much as I dig certain balanced armature earphones, there’s an element of touch, of grace, that ultimately is missing. And I hadn’t realized it until my time with LEAR began.
對於歷史性地有Made in HongKong 的香港品牌被置於外國耳機排行榜的榜首之位,此份榮譽我們將與香港及所有支持LEAR發展的朋友們共享!
上一回THL 評測LEAR LCM-5 在同一個CIEM耳機排行榜(http://theheadphonelist.com/custom-in-ear-monitors-reviews-list/)的排名是第20位,另一個THL的通用形耳機排行榜(http://theheadphonelist.com/headphone-list/),LEAR LUF4系列排於通用型耳機榜之第2位,

有關LEAR BD4.2 於The headphone list 的詳盡分享,請參考:
非常專業、包含技術分析的LEAR BD4.2 外國評測!
由外國知名耳機測試blog "M.R.O" 做的LEAR BD4.2 測試。
A great review of LEAR LUF-4C at Audioholics !
小學雞的LCM4B 300小時評測
我今次評測的耳機是LEAR LCM-4B , 播放器是用iBasso DX50 ,
耳擴是用FiiO e18. 大多數是用來聽J-POP.

LCM-4C / UE 700 測試
小弟以前有學過下樂器, 耳仔都算係比較靈敏. 由第一對唔係手機原廠跟機既耳機 --- Philips開始, 12年12月升級左去UE 700, 去到今年2月就開始考慮到耳機線好易斷, 而且想升級, 最後就參加左今次評測活動.